Thursday, October 23, 2014

Get a L.I.F.E. 2014 Re-cap

I can not beleive as I am writing this I have already started planning for Get a L.I.F.E. 2015!!

2014 workshop was one of the proudest day's of my life! 

Our speakers were informative and funny, the classes were relevant to today's women (and men) plus the food was quite delicious! I can not give enough appreciation to all of those that attended, spoke, and of course the fabulous Stephanie who helped me behind the scenes, listened to my many meltdowns and fits of panic. We raised a nice donation for the Carcinoid Cancer foundation and also had some great giveaways from local small businesses!

Here is a quick recap of the day and a Save the Date! 

A huge thanks to the Four Points by Sheraton in Chambersburg Pa! We used all four meeting room all day and had no issues at all!

The house was packed ;) There was such a great community of sharing that next year we are going to have a small group session!

Stephanie Reese teaching her class Parties on the Cheap!
Dwight Karkan preaching it on Home Organization!!

Harmony Wilson Sharing her passion of gardening!

Maggie Dubious enlightening everyone on doTerra Essential oils

Our classes were baby friendly and open for discussion! 

Everyone left with take home material, full bellies, swag, and confidence to start living a Frugal life!

I can not wait for to share all of the amazing things that will be happening at Get a L.I.F.E. 2015 so here is what I can share:
  • SAVE THE DATE: The 2015 Lesson in Frugal Economics will be March 14, 2015 9am-4?pm at the Four Points Sheraton in Chambersburg PA
  • We will be having a small array of breakfast food, lunch, and SNACKS through out the day (this was highly requested item from last years)
  • $1.00 from each ticket will be donated to the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation
  • Early Bird tickets will be on sale the first part of December!! These make really awesome Christmas presents!


Monday, March 10, 2014

Scheule of Events

Here is the official schedule of events for Get a L.I.F.E. 2014!

We are going to have a jammed packed day!!

I can not wait to meet everyone.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spend less, Save More!

It is a simple concept. It is what everyone WANTS to do. But life is busy. It is easier to pay extra for professional photographers, eat out, hire a repair man for yearly maintain. Budgeting is overwhelming and talking about finances can get "hairy" when spouses are involved. But you really do want to save and pay off debt, you want to put your child through college or at least offer some assistance,  you have a dream of retiring!  Well you NEED to take action now. You have to get an ATTITUDE and say NO. No to spending, and Yes to finding ways to make do, find things cheaper, barging,  planning,  and saving!!

I don't mean THIS kind of attitude 

It is time to register for Get a L.I.F.E and learn how to get your Attitude!

You know you want to!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some FAQ's about Get a L.I.F.E.

We are offically 30 days away from the last day to order tickets for Get a L.I.F.E.! I am gearing up for the large crowd and plenty of FUN!

I have gotten a couple of GREAT questions about the worshop and wanted to take a second to share them incase you were wondering the same thing:


Q. Can I bring a baby?
A. Yes and please! We even are offering a whole class on baby essentials!

Q.What should I wear?
A.Whatever your comfortable in. This is not a stuffy formal conference. Jeans and tee are perfect!

Q. When is the organization class?
A.There will be two large group classes budgeting and organizing so everyone will be part of these classes. After that we split up and you choose the classes you would like to attend (must pre register). Finally we will meet to have a wrap up session and chit-chat a bit!

Q. What's for lunch? 
A.We will be having a catered lunch by Amber’s Country Catering. She will be providing deli wraps and sandwiches, fruits and veggies, dessert and tea.

Q. Do I need to bring anything? 
A. Bring anything you would like to take notes, if you are attending a class and how a specific item you would like to reference bring that too! We want to make this event as personal and helpful as possible.

Have a question? Leave a comment with the question and I will be sure to answer as soon as possible!

Ready to order your tickets?
  Purchase your tickets now!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Why attend Get a L.I.F.E.?

I have been asked this question over and over again in a variety of way.
"Why do I need to come to a workshop when you have The Nifty Thrifty Lady Blog?"
"Do I really have to come to a full day of classes?"
"I love your site, but I am not sure I want to spend all day at a workshop."
"What makes your workshop different from going to a financial adviser?"
I wanted to answer all of these questions for you today because I think they are important and I believe that the workshop is such a unique opportunity that it may be hard completely understand!

First, Let us talk about why the workshop and The Nifty Thrifty Lady are different.
  • I hand picked a group of presenters that are professionals in area's that I am not! So what this means is you are going to have expert knowledge at your disposal for 1 day only. These presenters are live, in person to help YOU achieve what you want to do on your financial journey! That is what really makes the workshop stand out from the blog. There is also the benefit of connecting with others that are like minded and want to learn to save just like you!
Now, Lets talk about the full day of classes.
  • Is 9am-2pm a full day really? Well, if it is to you, you will be happy to know that there is a half day ticket you can purchase. BUT let me just say last year the workshop was 9am-5pm and everyone that attended wished it was longer!! Really, the presenters engage you and many of the classes are hands on or you get so caught up on the discussion 45mins has gone and your off to another class! I really want to stress that the event is not formal! We had a great question about nursing  babies, YES! We are baby friendly! The event is not your typical stuffy seminar! We want to connect with our community and help each other. So your day will FLY by and you will want to come back soon!
Finally, What sets Get a L.I.F.E. apart from Financial advisers and things of that nature. 
  • When was the last time you heard of a couple going to talk to an accountant for advice on how to save money when taking pictures of their children OR wanting to reorganize their home? I am not sure Get a L.I.F.E. can even be compared to a financial adviser because we are so different! The workshop incorporates budgeting for families based on a system that is general enough to be personalized to fit everyone's needs! All of the other classes are theme specific to help you cut costs in area's of your life to ultimately Spend LESS and Save MORE!
One last thought: I was asked about the price of the tickets recently and if they were fairly priced. A full day ticket is $30.00 including lunch and take home materials. So yes I believe they are fairly priced but lets look at it another way for a moment-

A consultation with a professional organizer (because ours is a professional) = $100.00-200.00/hour
A Photography Class with a professional Photographer = $75.00-100.00/classs
A budgeting program like David Ramsey's = $109.00
Online Meal Planning Program like E-meals = $58.00
Consultation with a Party Planner/travel planner = $50.00-$100.00
Estimate for Home Repair= 0-$100.00
Baby Basic Classes= 0-$50.00/ Class

So you could say that by spending a day with use you could potentially be saving over $400.00.

I hope you will consider to Join us for a true investment in yourself, your family, and your future!

Eventbrite - Get a L.I.F.E {Lesson in Frugal Economics} 2014

Friday, November 22, 2013

Proudly Announcing Get a L.I.F.E 2014!

Mark your calendars, mark your FRIEND'S calendars, put in that request off slip at work for March 15, 2014 because you are going to be enjoying an amazing day of learning how to live a fun, frugal, and balanced life at Get a L.I.F.E {lesson in frugal economics} 2014!

The second annual Get a L.I.F.E. workshop is going to knock your socks off! I have hand picked every presenter because they are knowledgeable in not only their area but,know how to save money! The presenters are amazing people who are going to inspire you to be your bestlive life to the fullest, have funmake a changesave money, and live a balanced life! Who isn't looking for this?

Are you ready to hear who the presenters are?

With out further ado.....DRUMROLL....

*Jen Ward, The Nifty Thrifty Lady
*Stephanie Reese, Contributor to NTL
*Dwight Karkan with Organized by Dwight
*Renee Crabtree with Ageless Photography
*Harmony Wilson

Each presenter will be bringing you a class (or two) that will help you learn how to save money in all areas of your life and YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHICH CLASSES YOU TAKE! 

Here are the classes:

Budgeting- how to create, maintain, pay off debt, and learn what you should be spending
Organization- with professional organizer Dwight Karkan
Mommy Photography- Learn  the basics to photography to capture priceless moments.
Baby Essentials- Calling all new moms! Learn about cloth diapering, baby wearing, consigning and homemade baby food.
Travel- Just in time for summer vacations learn how to travel for less, tips to staying sane on long trips and travel tricks.
Gardening 101- Harmony Wilson will teach how to start a garden, care for, and the economical value to growing your own food.
doTERRA Natural Wellness- Get informed about essential oils natural solutions for your personal health and wellness needs
DIY Home Repair- Join Tom Browning for an interactive class on do-it-yourself home repair you tell him what you need help with and he answers.
Meal Planning- Never again wonder whats for dinner and how you are going to fit it in your budget. 
Parties on the Cheap- Planning a party will no longer break the budget with this hands on class!
Upcycling- enjoy a lesson in how to reuse, reduce, and upcycle almost anything!  

It this not an out of the world line up?!

Still not want more?

How about...
Catered lunch by Amber's Country Catering
Swag Bags
Hourly Giveaways
Take home materials

Yup that's right now until December 7, you can steal tickets for just $20.00! $20.00 to see these amazing presenters, learn priceless information! Make the investment today!

Eventbrite - Get a L.I.F.E {Lesson in Frugal Economics} 2014

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Get a L.I.F.E 2013 Recap!

Get a L.I.F.E 2013 is long gone but I thought it would be a great idea to post a little recap because guess what! Get a L.I.F.E 2014 is going to be here before you know it!!

The Labels on the take home binders
The workshop was held at the Williamsport Community Center on May 18th, 2013 from 8:00am until 4:00pm. The day went by so fast it was hard to keep up with pictures of everything but here is what we got!
Talking as everyone was coming in

We supported a great cause Carcinoid Cancer. My Father-in-Law was diagnosed in 2011.

Zebra Stripes are the "Color" of the Cancer Awareness ribbon

Am and Pm Snacks at the ready

The Amazing Giveaways!

Amii teaching uS all about cloth diapers and baby wearing!

Blurry picture. This was the end of the homemade baby food section and Harmony was getting ready to start Upcylcing!

The day was jammed packed with education on how to save money!

Here are some comments from the attendees:

We had a wonderful day at the Get a L.I.F.E. workshop - I especially liked the couponing/meal planning components and both of Harmony Wilson's presentations! ~Marsha C
Today was a great success! I learned a lot ~Tiffany M.
I Loved the Crochet Lesson!~ Reader Evaluation
I don't have a child yet but plan to start a family relatively soon Baby on a Budget was very helpful and eye-opening!~ Reader Evaluation
Are you reading for Get a L.I.F.E 2014? You won't have to wait long, details coming within the week!

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